Ann Ravel

Former Chair, Federal Election Commission

Patrick Ruffini

Co-Founder, Echelon Insights

Samantha Osborne

Senior Director of Digital Strategy, Advoc8

Will Robinson

Founding Partner, New Media Firm

Alex Muir

Chief, Campaigns & Product, WPAi

Henri Makembe

Partner, Beekeeper Group

Kevin Walling

Hamburger Gibson Creative

Neri Martinez

Republican State Leadership Committee

Daria Grastara

Digital Director, NRCC IE

Isaac Salazar

Founding Partner, LPS Campaigns

Nina Jankowicz

Wilson Center Global Fellow, Kennan Institute

Paula Brantner

Senior Advisor, Workplace Fairness

Domonique James

Founder, Politics With Purpose

Liz Mair

Founder & President, Mair Strategies

Mark Jablonowski

Chief Technology Officer, DSPolitical

Tracy Dietz

CEO, DonorBureau

Anna Korman

Principal, Precision Strategies

Joe Camacho

Chief Marketing Officer, Sabio Mobile

Laura Packard

Partner, PowerThru Consulting

Christine Campigotto

Director, Nonprofit & Political Analytics

Jackie Huelbig

Account Lead, Centro

Conor Maguire

Senior Client Strategist, WPAi

Brian Franklin

President, Impact Politics & Campaign Defense

Ruiyong Chen

Principal, Precision Strategies

Lindsey Kolb

Digital Director, FP1 Strategies

Mike Muller

Director of Political & Advocacy Solutions, Fluent

Paul Westcott

Vice President of Marketing & Communications, L2

Alyssa Nolte

Chief Marketing Officer, Disicida

Bryon Allen

Partner & Chief Research Officer, WPAi

Luis Alcateur

Creative Director, Solidarity Strategies

Kate Holliday

Senior Politics & Issue Advocacy Account Executive, YuMe

Taryn Rosenkranz

Founder & CEO, New Blue Interactive

Colin Rogero

Partner, 76 Words

Brent McGoldrick

CEO, Deep Root Analytics

Nick Passanante

Founder & President, Boulder Strategies, LLC

Jordan Lieberman

President, Audience Partners

Carlos Gutiérrez

CEO, Le Black Room

Frieda K. Edgette

Founder & Principal, Novos Consulting

Dave Sours

Deputy Digital Director, NRCC

Cassie Alsfeld

Founder and President, Shoreline Strategies, LLC

Corinne Clark

Digital Strategist

Ryan Morgan

CEO, Veracity Media

Katie Spannbauer

Advertising Director, Targeted Victory

Lee Dunn

Head of International Elections Outreach, Google

Tad Rupp

Partner, Targeted Victory

Leah Casterlin

Founding Partner, Media Fortitude Partners

Jennifer Holdsworth

Chief Revenue Officer, DSPolitical

Chris Jones

Founder, PoliTemps

Kate Faherty

COO, Campaign Inbox

Alex Kellner

Senior Director, Bully Pulpit Interactive

Thomas Peters

Founder & CEO, uCampaign

Jane Hughes

Director, Bully Pulpit Interactive

Geoff Mackler

Partner, Blueprint Interactive

Wally Baker

CEO, Angel PAC

Mark Failla

Director of Political Advertising, D2 Media Sales

Michelle Campbell

Senior Director, E.W. Scripps Company

David Becker

Executive Director and Founder, Center for Election Innovation & Research

Matt Compton

Director, Advocacy & Engagement, Blue State Digital

Jon Barteaux

Head of Sales and Marketing, Eyesover

Bailey Mohr

Managing Strategist, Mothership Strategies

Mike Sager

Chief Technology Officer, EMILY’s List

Eric Wilson

Digital Strategist

Cheryl Hori

Founder + Chief Strategist, Pacific Campaign House

Tate Holcomb

Director of Production, Go BIG Media, Inc.

Raffi Appel

Director, Trilogy Interactive

Shelby Cole

Digital Strategist, Revolution Messaging

Andy Amsler

Director of Advertising and Advocacy, Mothership Strategies

Dave Leichtman

Cybersecurity & Democracy Strategist, Microsoft

Rodell Mollineau

Co-Founder, Rokk Solutions

Tim Cameron

Co-Founder & Partner, FlexPoint Media

Todd Van Etten

Chief Digital Strategist, The Herald Group

Mike Nellis

President, Authentic Campaigns

Colin Delany

Founder, Epolitics.com

Sue Zoldak

Founder, The Zoldak Agency

Adam Meldrum

Managing Partner, AdVictory

Ashley Burns

Director of Analytics & Audience Insights, Majority Strategies

Paul Van Remortel

Senior Project Manager, StandUnited

Spencer Sullivan

Founder & CEO, Lean Campaign Strategies