Past Speakers

Amanda Bloom

Managing Director, BASK Digital

Chris Wilson

CEO, WPA Research

Elizabeth Bennett

Revolution Messaging

Henri Makembe

Partner, Beekeeper Group

Andrew Bleeker

President & Founder, Bully Pulpit Interactive

Jen O’Malley Dillon

Partner, Precision Strategies

Ken Strasma

Co-Founder & CEO, Haystaq DNA

Phillip Stutts

Founder & CEO of Go BIG Media, Inc.

Erin Barrett

Director of Digital Marketing, Well & Lighthouse, LLC.

Jen Harrington

Director of Operations, Conservative Connector

Sarah Springer

Sr. Creative Development Producer, RYOT

Shannon Chatlos

Vice President, Strategic Partners & Media

Billy Taylor


Jessica Byrd

Principal, Three Point Strategies

Max Everett

Managing Director, Fortalice Solutions

Samantha Osborne

Chief Digital Officer, Republican National Committee

Art Haynie

VR Director

Joe Camacho

CMO, SABIO mobile

Lily Gold

Director of Strategic Operations, Mothership Strategies

Robin Curran

Digital Strategist, Revolution Messaging

Jenna Golden

Head of Political and Advocacy Sales, Twitter

Ashleigh Grant

Director of Political Accounts and Strategy, IMGE

Leah Maddox

Sr. Account Manager, Trilogy Interactive

Ian Patrick Hines

Founder and CEO, Hines Digital

Melissa Ryan

Digital Organizer

Tad Rupp

Targeted Victory

Emily Hoffman

Senior Creative Technologist, Vertical Strategies

David Mowery

Mowery Consulting Group & FIXR Digital

Joe Mansour

Partner, FP1 Strategies

Colin Delany

Founder & Editor,

Jeff Vreeland

Director of Digital Operations, The Prosper Group

Jaime Bowers

Senior Digital Media Buyer, National Media

Tim Lim

Partner, Bully Pulpit Interactive

Alan Rosenblatt

Director of Digital Research, Lake Research Partners

Domonique James

Political Consultant

Chiqui Cartagena

Vice President of the Political & Advocacy Group, Univision

Josh Sharp

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Advoc8

Eric Wilson

Digital Strategist

Benjy Messner

Managing Principal, Precision Strategies

Ximena Hartsock

Co-Founder and President, Phone2Action

Kendall Tucker

CEO and Founder, Polis

Dan Backer

Founding Attorney, Political.Law

JC Medici

President, L2 Media

Hadley Chase

Email Marketing Manager, Rising Tide Interactive

Joshua Habursky

Director of Advocacy, Independent Community Bankers of America

Beth Becker

Becker Digital Strategies

Jackie Huelbig

Account Lead, Centro

Ben Friedmann

Chief Digital Officer, Republican Governors Association

Vanessa Moyonero

Vice President, Solidarity Strategies

Jordan Lieberman

President, Audience Partners: Politics

Michael Marinaccio

Senior Digital Director, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Max Kamin-Cross

Director of Partnerships, Hustle

Michael Sabat

Founder, @Mssg

Taryn Rosenkranz

Founder & CEO, New Blue Interactive

Michael Moschella

Director, DKC Analytics

Chris Talbot

Founder, Talbot Digital

Joe Fuld

Founder, The Campaign Workshop

Robert Aho

Partner, BrabenderCox

David Seawright

Director of Analytics, Deep Root Analytics

Kate Faherty

Vice President, Campaign Inbox

Andy Polk

Sr. Vice President, Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America

Kat Murti

Sr. Digital Outreach Manager, Cato Institute