Virginia Pancoe

Virginia Pancoe

El Toro


As an effective team leader with a proven ability to work with diverse groups to develop solutions and processes that meet established goals, I’m known for intensely creative solutions and successful partnership development on a local, regional and national level that delivers.

Sponsorship development requires the ability to understand how to use the assets of an organization, event or program, evaluate the needs and goals of a potential partner, then present and implement a solution that delivers effective, measurable benefits that maximize ROI.

Additionally, I understand the unique world of Political / Issue / Advocacy advertising and have ongoing, personal relationships with the inside and outside the beltway agencies, consultants and associations that drive spending in this specialized vertical.

With years of media, public relations, sponsorship, special event, marketing and advertising experience, a keen understanding of activation, plus a television and event production background, I also have unique Political / Issue / Advocacy connections with agencies, leading national corporate brands, trade associations and public affairs firms that allow me to reach out to research and develop campaigns that put brands in front of the right audience at the right time.