Attendee Resources

Attendee Resources at CampaignTech East 2019

CampaignTech East isn’t just about the incredible agenda (view here). Check out these additional attendee resources:

Attendee Workspace & Lounge

At CampaignTech East, you’re going to make incredible connections. And odds are during the conference you may need to take a work call, blast through some emails, or finish up a piece of work. We’ve got you covered with the CampaignTech East Attendee lounge, where you’ll be able to grab a table to continue to crush it.

*New* Case Study Deep Dives

These brand new sessions put the spotlight on some of the most innovative and effective applications of digital strategy, tactics, and tools during the 2018 cycle. Join a panel of digital campaign experts and take a deep dive into these case studies to reveal actionable lessons you can apply on your next campaign.

*New* One-to-One Cybersecurity Consultations

Sit down one-on-one with a campaign cybersecurity consultant who will give you practical advice on how to up your personal cybersecurity. With cyber attack becoming a fact of life for campaigns up and down the ballot, the last thing anyone wants is to be the weak link. Book a 15-minute consultation during CampaignTech East and learn the simple steps you can take to make yourself a much harder target.

Network Before, During, and After CampaignTech

Ahead of CampaignTech East, we release the conference app which enables you to review all the other attendees, set up meetings, arrange social get-togethers and communicate with fellow attendees through direct messages. Take your networking to the next level at the agenda-setting political campaign technology conference.